Pedal Tractors

At the present time, I have redone fifty four children's pedal tractors. The pedal tractors are fun to work on because they are quick to redo and easy to store. Most of the pedal tractors were purchased from antique stores with the remainder coming from auctions and/or individual people. All of the tractors were disassembled, repainted, and then reassembled using new parts when necessary to put the tractors in excellent condition. It takes approximately two days to completely restore a tractor if you have all the decals, parts, etc. on hand. The fifty two pedal tractors include the following:

John Deere A (new) John Deere Large Hole 130 
McCormick Farmall 450 McCormick Farmall Trailer
John Deere Model Little 60  John Deere Model 620 
John Deere Model 20  John Deere Model 30 
John Deere Model 40 Industrial pdl3 John Deere Model 50 pdl2
John Deere Model 7410  John Deere 7600 
John Deere Model 4020 Diesel pdl1 John Deere Model L & G 
Ford Model 8000  Ford Model 8630 
International Model 66  International Model 856 
Case Model Strobe  Allis Chalmers Model CA;AC CA
Farmall HFarmall H White Model Workhorse 145 
Case 1070 Agri. Kg Farmall Model M 
Farmall 400 Farmall 560
Farmall 806 Ford 8N
John Deere A John Deere 10-3 Hole
John Deere 10-4 Hole John Deere Large 60
Farmall 86 Drill
Box Blade Disc
John Deere 130 small hole Ford 6000 Commander (gas)


The Pedal Tractor Collection as of November 23, 1999 "A Grandchild's Dream"

Grandsons getting ready for the race.

Pedal Tractors being gassed up in the family room

Granddaughter test riding a John Deere small 60.

Grandson riding a Ford 8630.

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