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110 Lawn Mower with chrome hub caps
The John Deere 110 lawn tractor with a 38 inch deck was built in 1966. The tractor was located in Shawnee, Kansas, at a John Deere lawn and garden dealership. It was purchased with the intent to redo it and then let my brother-in-law use it to mow my mother-in-law's yard in Lucas, Kansas. Now for the bad news and good news. The bad news first--about the time that I finished restoring the tractor my mother-in-law was placed in an assisted living center and sold her home. The good news is that the little green machine complete with chrome hubcaps is still clean and looks as pretty as a picture.


In restoring the tractor, I completely disassembled it and stripped all the paint off. The hood had to have some fiber glass work and the deck needed to have a rusted area repaired. Mechanically, the tractor was in fairly good condition. I replaced all the front wheel bearings, overhauled the engine and replaced the oil seals in the transmission. After it was repainted and got new decals, it became the apple of my eye.

Granddaughters riding their own green machine, 1999.

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