John Deere B

The 1949 John Deere B was purchased from a farmer north of Abilene, Kansas. It was during a tractor show that we made the deal. I don't know if his wife is still mad at him or not, but it sure worked out for me. It did not take much to put the tractor in great shape because it was a good working tractor that had the sheet metal still in excellent condition. Two new front tires, along with a new paint job, including new decals, made this tractor an outstanding beauty. It took about three months to restore. At a later date a set of fenders was acquired which really gave it the finishing touch. As with all my other tractors, it is also used at tractor shows and/or parades.



Younger generation enjoying "green" at a neighbor hood picnic. (1997)

The younger generation enjoying the older generation. Old Shawnee days, Shawnee, KS. (1996)

Don's display at Old Shawnee Days, Shawnee, KS. (1996)

Parade of Power at Lathrop Tractor Show. (1997)

Line up for Parade of Power at Lathrop Tractor Show. (1997)

Don's "B" Deere being transported to the Lathrop, MO Tractor Show, 1998

John Deeres B and H, Kansas City, Missouri
American Royal Parade, October, 2000

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