John Deere A

The 1939 A John Deere was found sitting next to the road in Lucas, Kansas, with a for sale sign on it. After passing that tractor for a couple of years, I thought I better find a home for that Deere.

Upon restoring the tractor, it was determined that it must have been a haven for birds because the radiator was full of nesting materials, etc. After reworking the head, including replacing the valves, repairing the oil pump, replacing the radiator core, clutch plates and brakes, the mechanical components were complete.The new paint job, along with decals put the final touches to a fine looking tractor. It took me about six months to restore the tractor. It is now used in tractor shows and parades.

John Deere A


Don at work restoring the 1939 "A". (1996)

Who says that women don't like "green". Lenexa, KS parade (1998)


JD No. 5 mower restored to compliment 1939 JD "A". (1997)

My brother on 1939 John Deere A

Brother Larry on a 1939 John Deere A in the 2002 Wilson Kansas Parade

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